5 Easy Fixes to Inspect Poor Computer Performance After Virus Removal

Cmos Checksum Bad – Date Time Not Set

In addition, it also stores some computer settings. Firmware stitched software has a high level of reliability, but even here, though rarely, there may still be problems. One of my counter parts has been having problems a CMOS checksum error with his CMA4000 OTDR .

The problem manifests itself once the on board battery begins to fail. If it starts to an error message saying there is no keyboard or drive not found then you have a problem with one of the expansion cards or a device that you disconnected. If that is the case, then you can reconnect or reinsert one at a time and restart after each one.

The error is essentially telling you it is unable to read the CMOS / the CMOS is wrong, which in this case is the storage of your bios settings. You’ve probably dislodged the battery when you did the upgrade, the error you’re looking at is basically "the CMOS battery is dead."

Reset Bios

  • PS Noticed the other thread, and tried shorting the battery socket.
  • The motherboard manual talks about it, and I figured out how to connect it (This was all done many months ago, wininet.dll microsoft download and has not been changed since).
  • It very quickly went to the blank screen, but this time there were 4 lines of gibberish, and the flashing cursor on the end of the characters in the 4th line.
  • Just did a reboot and held Delete key very early, and let go as soon as it said preparing to enter setup.
  • When I removed it (many moths ago), I noticed that there was a 2 usb slot plate on the front.

If it starts with three long beeps (the usual ‘no RAM’ beep code) then turn it off and reinsert the RAM and restart. Its been suggested my CMOS battery may be dying or dislodged. I have made sure it is secure and have never had problems with my PCs clock becoming out of sync. The checksum error is thrown out when the bios checks itself.

(Make sure the power is disconnected when you’re doing anything inside the case.) When you get back to the original symptom you will have identified the bad part. If it starts to a black screen without any beeps, you may have bad RAM.

I took a look at the battery and made sure it was secure. Put the upgrade back in and gave me the same error. This time though letting it go past the error showed a very brief Windows load screen. The one where the screen is all black but for a little loading bar in the center that fills with green blocks.

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